Our story


We are 3 normal people, on a big mission to make it so easy for everyone to be a better friend to our environment.

On a daily basis, consumers have come to expect this as normal…

  • Plastic straws in drinks when we don’t need them
  • Plastic bottles of water handed out without a second thought
  • Plastic cutlery provided with delivery / take home food
  • Plastic bowls, paper plates and disposable chopsticks at parties, in restaurants etc.
  • Plastic bags in shops
  • Disposable coffee cups (even when you’re staying in the café!)

We were disappointed. Then we got angry. Now we’re getting to work to make changes!

🌏 🐬 🐠 🌊 🌏 🐬 🐠 🌊 🌏 🐬 🐠 🌊

At Zest, we believe…

  • It should be easy to be eco friendly
  • Small changes make a big difference
  • Once you form a good habit, it can stay with you for life
  • If you make a small change, those around you will follow – and we love the butterfly effect!

But we’re also realistic and we know that…

  • Plastic won’t be completely eliminated anytime soon
  • Sometimes you have to invest in things to begin with, but they will save you time, effort and money in the long run
  • Being the first to make a difference can be tough
  • Changing long-held habits can be a challenge
  • Being an advocate for other people, animals and the environment takes courage

We ask you to join us on our mission to change habits, eliminate unnecessary plastic (and other nasties) and make a real difference to this beautiful planet of ours.