If I buy something made from silicone to replace something made from plastic, isn’t that just as bad?

No, here’s why: silicone is going to last much longer than a plastic alternative, and when the item is no longer usable, silicone can be incinerated and it will return to its individual, harmless properties (harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor).

Plastic, on the other hand, is generally a harmful petroleum-based material that cannot be recycled. It ends up either in landfill or the ocean (5 trillion pieces are currently floating in our waters!)

Whether it be plastic wrap vs silicone food covers, plastic water bottles vs reusable ones – the better option is always the non plastic one!


If I buy things from China (or overseas) isn’t the carbon footprint worse than the usage of plastic in the first place?

There have been numerous studies done into the ‘traditional’ shopper (using a car to drive to a mall and purchase an item) and the ‘modern’ shopper – buying online and how their choices impact the environment. There are so many factors to consider; packaging, delivery speed, distances etc. but generally the consensus is that shipping items from overseas via online shopping has the same, or smaller, carbon footprint than is used to keep the shopping mall going.

Add to this, the fact that the majority of items in the store have also been shipped from overseas anyway, and you - the consumer – don’t always benefit from the huge mass volume discounts large department stores are able to negotiate.

This is definitely something to consider and we always urge you to make the most ethical choice as a consumer.

The truth about your online shopping


To be a real friend to the environment, shouldn’t I be supporting local markets and shops instead of buying online?

Yes, absolutely! We firmly believe in buying local, sustainably sourced items, especially when it comes to things like fruit, vegetables and other food items.

However, we know this isn’t always realistic or possible. So for everything else, we suggest you make the most ethical choices as possible and do your research into the items your family needs and where they can be sourced.


Why do you only offer standard shipping?

We love it that you want your items delivered quickly, but we also balance this need with the environmental impact of fast shipping. Expedited shipping often means air travel, and that’s not so good for the environment. So it might take a few extra days for you to receive your goods, but we hope that you agree this is a small and worthwhile sacrifice to make in our mission to be a better friend to the environment.

Our commitment to you, five more great reasons to buy from us:




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