Organic Gardening Is On Trend: Why Are More People Growing Their Own Veg?

Organic Gardening Is On Trend: Why Are More People Growing Their Own Veg?

eco gardening and organic gardening on the rise

It used to be a stereotype of what retirement could look like - tending to your own garden, enjoying the sunshine and maybe attempting to grow a few carrots and tomatoes to throw into a casserole.

But, according to latest reports, organic gardening, eco gardening and the grow-your-own movement is no longer something just to pass the days.

More and more younger people, including families and even Millennials, are jumping on the sustainable gardening bandwagon.

The Original Grow-Your-Own Movement

eco gardening and organic gardening on the rise

In the UK, allotments have always been a staple of many communities. A throwback to the days when houses didn't have lots of garden space, a community garden provided a great option to share the growing space with neighbours and friends.

During World War II, allotments also provided plenty of sustainable options for feeding families when food rationing was in full swing.

But, once the more prosperous years arrived, along with more supermarket chains, many people were lured to the big shiny stores offering freshly packed, beautifully presented fresh produce. Often at very competitive prices, due to the supermarkets' huge buying power. 

People wanted things quick, and cheap and the supermarkets gave it to them.

Produce that couldn't easily be grown at home, due to lack of availability or the poor climate, were often readily available at these larger stores, and the good old allotment growing declined dramatically.

Why bother putting so much effort into growing something from seeds, watering and looking after it, only to have to start again once all the produce has been eaten?

Why The Growth In Organic Gardening?

But, fast forward to the 21st century, and we are now much more conscious of the impact of having everything available to us 24/7. And how damaging it can be for the environment to have individual items such as peppers and tomatoes individually wrapped in plastic.

So we have gone full circle and organic gardening is back in season! In fact, as of June 2019, the number of Instagram posts with the #plottoplate hashtag had reached almost 15k!

Additionally, the growing number of people around the world adopting a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet has meant that more people want easy (and cheap) access to great quality fresh produce.

Millennials Driving Sustainable Gardening Trend

eco gardening and organic gardening on the rise

According to research by Common Sense Gardening:

  • 81% of millennial gardeners grow produce to cook with almost half growing tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and potatoes. More than a quarter grow their own herbs.
  • 53% said they grow their own produce as a cheaper alternative.
  • 45% grow their own produce for health reasons.
  • 60% garden as a hobby and to improve their wellbeing.  

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables?

eco gardening and organic gardening on the rise

  • Only grow what you need - less food waste

  • No chemicals used - more control over what you are consuming

  • Higher nutritional value

  • Taste better

  • Cheaper than store bought (check out this comparison chart)

  • No wasteful packaging

  • A chance to enjoy fresh air and time outdoors

Where Do You Start If You Want To Grow Your Own Fresh Produce?

Depending on your level of expertise, confidence in gardening, space available and time, you might want to start off with a few small tests before you spend a lot of money on seeds and equipment.

Some of the easiest things to grow at home (depending on your climate of course!) are lettuce, spinach, squash, green beans and root vegetables like carrots or potatoes. 

Don't have the space to grow your own in a garden or allotment / community garden? Not a problem. You can even start growing your own produce if you only have a balcony or window box with these eco friendly grow bags...

Small Changes Make A Big Difference!

Start small, and see how your first batch of produce goes before moving on to something more advanced. You might even surprise yourself and take on growing your own produce as a great new hobby!

We'd love to hear if you decide to join the #plottoplate movement